URSATEC – The inventor of dosage systems for preservative-free applications

In 1993, URSATEC invented it’s first dosage system for preservative-free medical & cosmetic formulations without propellant gas, an innovative product that marked the beginning of the company’s history. Since then Ursatec has remained a successful, market-leading and dynamic company with the primary goal of supporting the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in developing preservative-free offerings in their portfolio.

URSATEC remains a steadily growing company which has sold almost 2 billion units worldwide since it was founded in 1993. They are proud to have founded a rethinking in the market for nasal sprays thus settling the case once and for all for preservative-free formulations as the new standard in Europe.

“WHEN PRESERVATIVE FREE MATTERS®”. This is more than just a slogan for URSATEC. It defines the focus of their actions and the commitment Team URSATECT brings to their product and service portfolio offerings.

Quality awareness, creativity and an international network are the foundations of this development. A young, dynamic and experienced team that responds quickly and effectively while being solution-oriented to the needs and wishes of it’s customers.


Aero Pump GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for pharmaceutical primary packaging. The company has constantly been growing since its foundation in 1976, and billions of its products have been successfully sold the world over since then.

Quality awareness, creativity, and an international expert network have played an essential role in this development. As an owner-managed family business, Aero Pump has the agility to respond to customer requirements with rapid precision.

GERMAN quality at it’s very best, the reputation precedes itself.

A family owned, professionally run Company making a World of the Difference to a World of People across the board rose from humble beginnings and has come a long way celebrating in its stride 60 years of Innovation to become a leader in its field and a business of global repute. Operating out of Woodstock, Oxfordshire, UK it employees over 700 people/associates and is represented globally through its own office or distributors across the Globe. With continuous year on year growth and strong financials driving long-term growth, innovation remains the life-blood of the company. It’s a Company with a past to be proud of and one with a very exciting future.

Located in the sleepy town of Bunde in Germany a region famous for its kitchen furniture and cigar industry, it is a part of the Plastic & Device division of the globally known, Dusseldorf headquartered Gerresheimer Group a leading partner to the global pharma and healthcare industry with worldwide operations and 11000 employees. Gerresheimer Bunde is the global centre for excellence and the manufacturing site for RTF ® Syringe Systems a comprehensive range of pre-fillable syringes making it the 2nd largest producer of the same in the world. Gerresheimer Bunde is a company incorporating value systems based on the foundation of integrity, excellence, innovation, responsibility & teamwork and with a vision to achieve its goals by understanding the customer’s needs and providing them with optimum solutions for both the present and the future, thus inturn becoming an ideal supply chain partner.

SARSTEDT AG & Co. is an enterprise which began as a one man operation and is now a world-wide enterprise with an international outlook-your partner of choice in medicine & science worldwide. It sells its products which in excess of 90 % are manufactured at its own production sites at home and abroad, the world over through its own sales organisations and supported by a network of distributors. The marketing is co-ordinated from the head office in Numbrecht-Rommelsdorf, Germany. Product development, from concept to finished product, is carried out exclusively at their inhouse R&D centre. Ever since it was set up in 1961 the company has continued to grow to the point where it now employs a workforce of 2,500. Since SARSTEDT products are used directly on patients and also in research and development laboratories they must conform to a very high quality standard. Their modern and integrated quality management system allows them us to effectively meet this requirement.

Frio ® is the Wales, UK based manufacturer of the exclusive and one of its kind medical, therapeutic and Sports & Leisure cooling product line with the tagline Freedom with Frio ® and recommended by healthcare clinics, institutions and practitioners worldwide and actively backed by innumerable testimonials and kudos received over the years. The Insulin Cooling Travel Wallet range has also been registered with the US FDA thus approved for sale in the USA. The British Government on their part has released a travel advisory in the form of a recommendation to Insulin dependent Diabetics to carry their Insulin in a Frio ® cooling wallet when travelling – work or leisure.

Rovipharm is an injection moulding company located in the Ain region of France, specializing in the healthcare segment offering dosing systems, caps, containers accessories and customized medical device components & solutions, in turn addressing the needs of the pharmaceutical industry the world over with appropriate solutions. Rovipharm has a reputation of having a strong knowledge base of the industry requirements, offers efficient turnaround timelines on projects which are ably supported by a strong quality system adhering to ISO 9001-V2008, ISO 13485, GMP & CE.

Wild design is one of the leading European manufacturers of secondary packaging solutions for drug delivery devices comprising of pen-systems, auto-injectors and similar medical devices operating in Europe since 1924. They provide a comprehensive range of services from product development and production to logistics. Most part of our production is done in Germany. For Wild design "Made in Germany" is still a distinguishing mark for quality. In-house design facility coupled with decades of experience in design of packaging products allows them to successfully match customer standards and requirements and in-turn provide fast and effective customized solutions. Wild design is a ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.

MedicoPack is an innovative plastics converter and a leading global plastic manufacturer operating 41 factories in 20 countries. Amongst other products catering to multiple industries such as food processing, chemical, automotive, heavy machinery etc., MedicoPack is also into plastic pharmaceutical packaging with their core principle dedicated to shaping plastics beyond the obvious. MedicoPack develops plastic packaging to help improve the compliance of patients. A diverse range of medical products from jars to vials and systems to suit the patients and health care personnel alike are offered. MedicoPack incorporates production methods such as blow molding, thermoforming and injection molding as well as rotational molding, of which the company is the largest manufacturer in the world. In total MedicoPack directly employs around 3800 people worlwide.

NOLATO is a high-tech developer and manufacturer of polymer product systems for market leading customers in clearly defined market areas. With years of experience, in-depth expertise in materials and processes, early involvement in customer's projects, advanced project management and detailed knowledge of each customer's specific circumstances, Nolato is an effective and innovative partner.

At Nolato Medical Pharma Packaging comprising of Nolato Cerbo, Sweden and Nolato Jaycare,UK they create, design and produce innovative polymer based products and packaging solutions that give people a better life. They are true experts at combining different materials, technologies, functions and design to produce medical devices that are as good as they can be and at levels of service, timescales and costs that will delight you. Nolato can be your perfect long-term global partner for the complete range of end-to-end services from concept to production and Final delivery.

Nolato will remain a complete supplier of pharmaceutical primary packaging from polymer materials, producing a full range of caps and containers, offering a broad range of standard packaging for the Pharmaceutical, Vitamin, Minerals and Supplement segments, as well as specially-designed packaging solutions. Nolato delivers quality products with short lead times. Production involves the use of injection molding and injection blow molding technology in their bespoke production facilities. All packaging is produced in accordance with ISO 15378, ISO 9001, PS 9000 and ISO 14001and is supported by comprehensive regulatory documentation making it customer's 1st choice of a supply chain partner.

Baltimore Innovations is a leading Europe suppliers of high quality low cost moisture solutions (high quality silica gel, molecular sieve,activated alumina and desiccant plastic film). As an ISO 9001 company, they pride themselves on their customer service and product quality. Desiccant solutions such as silica gels and molecular sieves are offered in a range of physical forms such as powder, beads, crystals, pellets and can be supplied in sachet or canister or sacks of loose-fill media.

Baltimore is a ISO13485 accreditated desiccant solution provided to the pharmaceuticals, vitamins, diagnostics kits, medical devices and healthcare industry.

Also available is fumed silica for thickening & viscosity control and silica gel matting agents for the reduction of gloss and sheen in printing inks and coating systems.

Baltimore also offers a range of automated packaging systems which insert desiccants into high-speed pharmaceutical bottling lines or diagnostic medical devices as they are packaged into protective foil pouches

They are always keen to prove the point - so feel free to put them to the test.

SiO2 Materials Science, headquartered in Auburn, Alabama, offers a line of primary drug containers providing improved performance and consistency over existing containers. SiO's custom containers, as well as syringes, vials, and cartridges are precision-molded from medical-grade plastics and have either a thin, transparent, silicon-oxide barrier coating system deposited on the interior surface, or a low protein binding treatment deposited on the contact surface.

SiO2's line of primary drug containers are designed specifically for the parenteral market by applying advanced material science to offer improved performance and consistency over existing containers. SiOPlas™ syringes, vials, cartridges, and other custom containers are precision-molded from medical-grade plastics and have a thin, transparent, silicon-oxide barrier coating system deposited on the interior surfaces. This technology combines the durability and dimensional precision of plastic with a product contact surface of high-purity glass: superior product attributes distinctive from existing glass and plastic containers for pH stability, resistance to breakage, delamination, extractables, etc.

SiO2's coating and treatment systems effectively address current issues being experienced by the drug industry.

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