URSATEC is a reliable and competent partner to its customers throughout the entire value chain of a product.

Instead of coordinating various suppliers and contract development and manufacturing organizations, you will have all the advantages of a single contact partner for Design, Development & Registration.

They provide innovative primary packaging materials and combine in-depth development with approval know-how and high-quality contract manufacturing.

URSATEC’s ONE Source concept includes the following services:

  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - Development expertise for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics
  • MATERIAL SOURCING - Raw material supply for primary packaging and finished products
  • DOSAGE SYSTEMS - 3K® and COMFORT® stand for safety and quality – without preservatives
  • STERILIZATION - Proven, reliable and validated processes
  • STERILE FILLING - Best standards – Clean room class A
  • LAB SERVICES - Single analysis or full service
  • FINISHED PRODUCTS – Offering market -ready "white label" products which are of course 100% preservative - free.

Drug Delivery Devices & Services

Owen Mumford Ltd.
Global leader in medical device design and manufacturing

We develop pioneering medical devices as well as custom device solutions for many of the world’s major pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Many of these products are devices for drug delivery for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections including auto-injectors, pens and safety devices for pre-filled syringes.


Pump systems for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and technical application.

Aero Pump specialises in manufacturing Pharmaceutical Spray pumps and Droppers with high dosing precision.

  • Aero Pump has been developing Nasal pumps, Eye droppers, and Pumps for dermal, oral, otological, and pulmonary applications for over 4 decades, and has a record of supply high quality optimised primary packaging solutions to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries worldwide.
  • Preservative-free systems such as 3K® and COMOD® are amongst the most innovative product solutions that they have continuously developed and distributed e.g. through partner company Ursatec.
  • They are familiar with the regulatory and quality requirements of the global and highly regulated pharmaceutical industry. The product and service ranges are based on decades of experience and individual consultation and customisation.

Pharma Systems

Gerresheimer Bunde GmbH

We supply a comprehensive range of prefillable syringe systems both as bulk and ready-to-use products.

  • The syringes are offered under their leading trademark Gx RTF®
    (Ready-to-Fill) are washed, siliconized, preassembled and sterilized (ethylene oxide). System components and accessories complete the range and ensure ease-of-use and end-user safety. The Gx® Syringes are perfectly tailored to a customer’s needs, inturn fullfilling the current requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.
Rovipharm S.A.S.

Standardized and Engineered Dosing Solutions – the industry's largest range, made to measure.

  • Dosing Syringes & Accessories
  • Plastic Spoons & Measuring Cups
  • Droppers & Dosers
  • Specially engineered medical devices
MedicoPack , Denmark

A comprehensive range of primary plastic packaging comprising of

  • Jars
  • Pots
  • Pill Dispensers
  • Bottles
  • Vials – Vials for injectibles (PP or PE), Vials for injectibles (COC or COP)
  • Airless
Nolato Medical Pharma Packaging

Specializes in the development and manufacture of primary plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical and VMS (Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements) industries. From Nolato we offer a comprehensive range of standard caps and containers as well as customized packaging to meet specific customer requirements. The design, development and manufacturing is located at three high-tech facilities as listed below:

  • Nolato Jaycare in Portsmouth
  • Nolato Jaycare in Newcastle, UK
  • Nolato Cerbo in Trollhättan, Sweden
Baltimore Innovations Ltd

They supply a wide range of moisture control solutions:

  • barrier foil laminates 
  • pre-formed foil bags
  • VCI papers 
  • blister packaging
  • high quality adsorbent products such as Fresh-R-Pax® and Ice Wrap® packaging which extends the shelf life and improves the quality of fresh cut fruits and perishable foods

For the Health Care & Pharmaceutical sector clients:

  • Offer SuperDrySorb™ range of liquid absorbers for those who require dissolving super-absorbent product
  • Desiccant Films & Foil Pouches
  • Molecular Sieve and Silica Gel bags
  • Desiccant Vials
  • Desiccant Canisters
  • SuperDySimTM service 
SiO2 Materials Science
Areas of Expertise

SiO2 containers and products have application in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Product Benefits

Product Benefits Include

  • Product Purity
    • Outstanding chemical resistance, protects sample integrity
    • Stability over a wide pH range
    • Low extractables (Pharmaceutical Products)
    • Low leachables (Pharmaceutical Products)
  • Protection Against Oxygen Transmission
    • Oxygen transmission rates that rival that of glass containers
    • Use of UV inhibitors to control light transmission (Diagnostics Products)
  • Package Durability
    • Supports a wide range of temperatures
    • Compatible with many sterilization methods
  • Reduced Risk for Breakage
    • Eliminates shattering of glass that can cause injury in the field, line downtime, clean-up costs, product loss and more
    • Reduces customer complaints and product recalls caused by shattered glass or glass particulate
  • Tight Dimensional Control
    • SiO products are precision molded
  • Customized Surface Characteristics
    • Including hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface characteristics
  • Consistency and Reliability
    • Advanced technologies to assure coating of every product shipped
    • Six Sigma quality performance
Parenteral Products
  • Syringes – Barrier Coated COP/COC Syringes
  • Vials – Barrier Coated COP/COC Vials
  • Cartridges – Barrier Coated COP/COC Cartridges

Sampling & Diagnostic

Sarstedt Ag & Co

A comprehensive offering of plastic labware & accessories

  • Blood collection & sampling
  • Urine & faeces collection & sampling
  • Tubes & Closures
  • Micro Tubes
  • Cell & Tissue Culture
  • General Laboratory Products
  • Owen Mumford Ltd.
    • Safety Lancets
    • Neuropen

Diabetic Accessories & Sexual Healthcare

Owen Mumford Ltd.
  • Safety Lancets
  • Lancing Devices
  • Pen Needles
  • Rapport Vacuum Therapy Devices
  • Amielle Vaginal Dilators
Frio ® Cooling Products Ltd.
  • Cooling Wallets for Insulin Storage
  • Cooling Wallets for Storage of Ophthalmic Formulations

Ancillary Packaging Solutions

Wild design GmbH

Customized secondary packaging solutions for Drug Delivery Devices comprising of pen systems, auto-injectors and similar medical devices.

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